Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Salt and Lake

This Story was taken from a mailing list on Feb, 06, 2003 and I still Keep it.
For me, this story is impressive, very useful in Daily Life, especially in Aikido.
This concerned with 'Acceptance ability' and 'Thanks-attitude'' and some others aspect which I plan to describe some other time later.
Have a nice reading, understanding and applying... :)

Salt and Lake

Once upon a time, there was an wise old man. At one of the morning come a young man whose in many problems.
His walking so weak with a sour face. The young man seemed to be unhappy man. He told all of his problems. The wise old man listened carefully.
He took a small portion of salt and a glass of water. He put the salt in it and stirred it slowly.
"Please drink this, and tell me how its taste," said the old man.
"salty, very salty!" said the young man and spit to the side.
The Old man smiled when he heard the answer. Then he ask the young man to go with him to the lake nearby.

There, at the side of the Lake, the old man pour a handful of salt to the lake. By a piece of wood he stirred it.
" Please, take a cup of water from this lake, and drink it.."
When the young man drink the water, He asked "How its taste?"
"Fresh!" said the young man. "Do you taste the salt in that water?" Asked the old man
"No!' said the young man.

Gently, the old man put his hand on the shoulder of the young man.
"Young man, listen, The bitter of the life is just like that salt, no more no less.
The numbers of the salt i poured in it is same, but the taste of the water was completely different, and so the bitter of this life and failures depend on the place we have.
The bitter of the life will based on our feelings that we put everything in it.
All of that will depend on our hearts.

So, when you feel some bitterness and fails in your life, there is only one thing you can do.

"Make your heart very wide to accept all of it.

Wide your heart to accept every bitterness."

He continued,
" Your heart is the place, Your feeling is the place. Your soul is the place you accept all of it."
So, don't treat your heart as a glass or cup. Make your heart as a lake which can absorb every bitter thing and change it become freshness and happiness."

Allahumma 'qod balaghtu, FASHAD!
O Allah, i have told it, then be my Witness!

Hopefully useful,
Allahu'alam bishshowab,

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